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simply the mag

Katrin Thormann by Papo Waisman.

about simply the mag

Simply The Mag is a fashion, beauty, art and lifestyle magazine with 100% original content -editorials, interviews, illustrations, still lifes- and an independent personality, in an attempt to editorialize our views on the fashion world based on an impeccable art direction. It also functions as a platform for emerging talents of creative fields: illustration, photography and film. In all of its actions, Simply wants to inspire, persuade and innovate, fueled by the creativeforce of its collaborators. It positions itself as a niche publication for a sophisticated audience with a high income, distributed among the most selected establishments.

Printed and online magazine — Biannual — 10.000 copies — 160 pages.


Simply prorsum


simply #5

We celebrate the fifth issue of SIMPLY featuring the chameleonic German model KatrinThormann on our cover, whom we interviewed in New York in order to know moreabout the person behind angelic face thateverybody wants to portray. We also meet,in our central interview, with the artist FaigAhmed, the carpet genius from Azerbaijanwho reinterprets this traditional artistic technique with impossible designs; and we introduce you to the sculptor and interior designer Verónica Martínez. Furthermore, wepropose a selection of “must-have” productsin the sections “Editors’ Picks” and “MyBeauty Choices”, which complement oureditorial bet on fashion and beauty.  

Ana Beatriz Barros by Dennis Leupold.

simply #4

Inside Simply The Mag #4 we travel to New Yorkto interview Brazilian supermodel, Ana BeatrizBarros, the protagonist of our cover story by Gomillion & Leupold. We also meet Chilean artist,designer and activist, Sebastian Errazuriz, whotriumphs in the Big Apple. If you haven’t seenhis inspiring TED talk, we recommend you do.Our main story: an interview with Juan Gattiwhere we dive into his world, his dreams andchallenges. And finally, we launch some newsections: Edtiors' Picks, a selection of must-have clothing basics and accessories; My BeautyChoices, our beauty product picks; and TalkingArts, where, in this issue, we delve into the occult side of Spanish film. 


“Wooded site” by Pablo Curto for SIMPLY 

New York Fashion Film Festival 2015 — Official Selection

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Simply issue #4 launch event

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