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so blue magazine

Rocío Crusset by Pablo Curto.

about so blue magazine

So Blue is a multiplatform branded content project for a premium water brand in Spain, Solán de Cabras, a part of the sector-leading group Mahou-San Miguel. Its content is oriented towards the promotion of a healthy lifestyle with an optimistic and honest point of view on fashion. Its name, content and art direction are inspired by Solán deCabras' iconic blue bottle. So Blue has played a central role in the celebration of the brand's 225th anniversary.

Printed and online magazine — Biannual edition on paper of 5.000 copies — 100 pages.


Solán de Cabras / Grupo Mahou-SanMiguel


Mr. Freeman


so blue #2

A new day. So new, so full of possibilities. A wholeday to do whatever you want with it...
We believe that every moment depends only on peo-ple, every small decision, every opportunity. That  is  So Blue’s philosophy. 

Ena Cucek by Dario Vazquez.

so blue #1

We live in the new era of communication, and we want tobe a part of it. A time when brands cling on to their emotional values by reaching out and using their resources in order to help the young talent and generate culture. A new way, where what's important is to create contents with an added value in them, which entertain, in-form and communicate certain values that go beyond the product or brand. So Blue is born: a new biannual magazine on fashion, beauty and healthy lifestyle. Because, instead of talking, we choose doing. #SoBlue 

“Quiet Water” by Pablo Curto for So Blue

A slow, contemplative journey to the inner soul. Written by Pablo Curto and inspired by the poetry of James Kavanaugh. Produced by Antiestático

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Making of

Motion teaser by South andIsland for So Blue

So Blue is the reason why water is transformed to rock, from the simplest to the most complex mineral, a blue, white and golden stone. Produced by Antiestático

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